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in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
at Oklahoma State University
in Stillwater, Oklahoma USA.

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2013 lab people:

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Mukta Dutta
Ulrich Melcher Tony Stobbe

Ruchi Verma

Ariel Clark

This is what the lab's about, in general:

The molecular evolution of viruses is fascinating, relevant to the evolution of living organisms, a determinant in pathogenesis by viruses, and amenable to detailed study in the laboratory. Evolution is the product of variation and selection. Genetic recombination is a major source of variation for evolutionary selection. The mission of the lab is to explore the importance for evolution of interactions of viruses with one another and with genomes of their hosts. Among the topics being explored are: understanding the role of recombination in the origin and evolution of viruses; documenting interaction between viral genomes such as recombination, competition and synergy; determining the effect of viral recombination on viral pathogenicity; understanding the role of viruses in ecosystems; and development of methods to determine the diversity of extant viruses and their distribution.

Specific areas of current interest are:

Information on current research in these areas in the lab and on past research in these and other areas is available. We offer additional information on tobamovirus sequence relationships, the turnip vein-clearing tobamovirus (TVCV) and alignments of the movement proteins of the 30K superfamily.
This webpage is listed with: The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book, by Thorsten Kraska. A subject oriented internet resource guide for Phytopathology, Applied Entomology, and all related fields.
The lab's tobamovirus page is listed with All the Virology on the WWW.

Collaborator: Jacqueline Fletcher 

Alumni and other former associates:

Robert Lartey Yuelin Zhang Matt Allen Teecie West Brown
Lori Urban Pei Yuan Mou Ty Voss Tao Ding
David Lyttle Kelly Hooper Chenault Tina Daubert Taylor Tony Stobbe
Charles O. Gardner, Jr. Steven Hartson Sunny Thompson Chris Allison
Qing Chao Mei Rodney Pennington Margaret Hanson  
Fengchun Ye Valerie Ray Vaden Roya Khorsravifar  
  Xushao Zhang Don Tucker  
Jane Bradley M. Mahmood Hussain Carol Brannan  
Kathy Haggerty In Seong Choe Justin Woods  
Beth Hood David Steffens Wenhao Wang  
Jane Brenneisen Merle Shockey Yehsiung Sha  
Talat Rizvi Susan Armour Tzeli Julia Sun  
Husna Raman Haifan Dylan Lin S. Mady Dabo  
Mary Sawyer Bassam Fraij Janel Kleinfeldt  
Charles Redmond Norman Dobson Qi Jiang  
Donna Heald Luisa Ramirez George Hii  
Susan Bokies Over Cabrera Candi Steffen  
Kenji Onodera Hannah Nayakanti Abudul Adeoye  
Srikumar Sengupta Sid Carter, Jr. Beth Trimble  
Breshana Johnson Latheise Morley Ananda Chandrasekaran  
Cari Kleinfeldt Lance Harrell Michael Puckett  
Brad Mons Bharat Joshi Sebastian Harriss  
Dereje Jima Arron Williams Noah England  
Zach Gales Alison Smith Fengqui (Judy) Zhang  
Marlee Pierce Jennifer Hackett Minh Ngo  
Olga Blinkova Yan Song Jana Comer  
Vijay Muthukumar Veenita Grover Shah Amanda Wilson  
Margaret Ye Wang Stefanie Seelk Jennifer Cobb  


Alums whose listing has been overlooked and wish to be listed or who have updates should contact U. Melcher
or write us at
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, NRC 246
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater OK 74078-3035
Others, of course may also send us letters or other goodies using that address. If you need a conversation, call 405-744-6210 or to send a facsimile document, 405-744-7799.
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